Project Helpers



We handle all types of projects from very small to very large.

We help with all your home

and yard projects

Do you have a list of projects that you don't have the time, know how, tools or muscle for? If so, we can help! We can provide help with some or all aspects of your project from planning, design, materials, labor and cleanup. We handle all types of projects from very small to very large. Want to know more? Check out the How It Works section below.

- Contact us via phone or email and tell us about your project. We are responsive to our customers, if you leave a message or email, you can expect us to contact you back in a timely manner.

- Schedule an appointment. We will set up a time to meet with you in person to see your home or yard. We know your time is valuable and we will be on-time so you don't have to wait. If you have a very simple project, we can get started right away.

- Determine what services you need. We can provide all services from planning, design, getting the necessary materials, labor and cleanup. We will customize our services to whatever you need.

- Upfront pricing. We will give you an estimate of both time and costs for your review prior to starting your project. We track all of our time electronically and only bill you for the exact hours worked - so you save money! 

- Reporting. We provide daily work logs, so you can see the status of your project and the hours and costs incured in real time.

- Project completion. Your project is very important to us and we will complete your project on time.



How It Works


Some examples of the types of projects we do:

- Handyman

- Painting

- Repairs

- Design 

- Gutter Cleaning

- Remodeling

- Deck Cleaning and Staining

- Brush Clearing

- Landscaping

- Firewood Splitting and Stacking

- Kitchen Cabinets

- Garage Cleaning and Organization

- Flooring

- Assembly


And Many More!